Douglas Davy

Douglas Davy

Science Fiction Author


Douglas A Davy was born on a wheat farm in North Dakota. Reading science fiction and his visual energy perceptions seemed perfectly natural to him. He finally became aware, however,  that not everyone saw energy patterns in Nature, and the human auras around people the way he did. Awakening to these, his own metaphysical experiences, sparked his concerted quest to discover more answers.

Douglas began training his acting and public lecturing skills in college, with a Drama and English. In years of continuing independent studies, he filled his life with classes and lectures focused on parapsychology, meditation, life after death, ancient cultures, religions, an encyclopedic array of metaphysical subjects, and human energy work.

The Trilogy of Aryll- Book #1  

The Trilogy of Aryll– Book #1   The Luminous Eggs of Aryll 8 From Science Fiction / Fantasy author Douglas a. Davy, here is the initial installment in planet Aryll’s  invasion, domination, and eventual dynamic elevation to freedom. A wise man told Carlos Castanados “man is a luminous egg.”   All Natives …